I was looking back through this past year’s posts as I was working on this year in review entry, and I was amazed at how much we’ve accomplished in the past year. Sometimes, with a fixer-upper house, I’ve felt frustrated at what I feel is our lack of progress, but really, we’ve done so much in so little time, especially with me being a full-time mom to a rambunctious toddler and Chris working full-time as well.

I’m so thankful that we have the opportunity to work on this house with our own hands. It is so fun and just so pleasurable for us to create and to beautify, but it’s also important for me to remember that a house is just a house. Of course I would be devastated if it burned down tomorrow and we lost the two years of hard work we put into it, but it is just a house. What matters are the people, the Spirit, the love inside the house.

But this blog is about DIY and home renovation, so without further ado…

Spring 2013


Spring started off with quite a few major updates. We finished our renovation of the family room, which included pretty much a total gut job. Removing the old floor, fixing leaks, patching drywall, painting walls, trim and ceiling, tiling the fireplace, and finally moving our furniture back into the room — it was a big job but the final result is so comfortable and cheerful.

Spring is also when we worked on our most popular project on the blog — the DIY L-shaped console table we built for behind the sofa in the living room. We even made plans to help you all build it because we had so many requests for detailed instructions!

spring 2

Later in the spring, we took a trip to Yosemite with our 1-year old and worked on a few outdoor projects including painting an old metal patio table yellow and sewing outdoor pillows. We refreshed the floor of our guest bathroom by painting the dingy grout lines.

Summer 2013


In the summer I posted a tour of baby Brownie’s room and we completed a big project — installing a glass sliding door — over just one weekend.

summer 2

This summer I also revamped an old dresser by painting it a rich emerald green and adding brass hardware. We refreshed the kitchen nook by painting the old wood trim glossy white, the walls a cheery blue, and making a DIY roman shade. We took a trip to Toronto and I made Baby Brownie a travel felt board to bring along, which was a big hit (both with Baby Brownie and the online community).

Fall 2013


Fall was the time of the tables. We designed and finally completed our rustic dining room table (plans are still to come) that Chris built out of doug fir from Home Depot. We refinished and painted the pedestal table in the breakfast nook. And I painted a little bench and turned it into an activity table for Baby Brownie.

Winter 2013


Finally, this winter we did one of my favorite updates to the house — painting a navy blue accent wall in the foyer. It is one of the most dramatic focal points in our house and I love coming in the front door and seeing it every day. I also worked on a few Christmas crafts such as the Christmas tree skirt, and Chris made me an awesome wine rack as a gift.

Those were just a few highlights and major projects from 2013. My mind is still boggled by how much we did in just one year. I haven’t even started going into the siding/insulation project that is still ongoing on the exterior of the house. Or all the little un-glamourous things that took so much time (ie. wiring up new light fixtures/switches, installing new doors…). There is still so much to do but it is encouraging to see how far we’ve come.

Thanks for reading, folks. Really appreciate all of you who come here regularly to see what I’m up to. Your support means so much to me. I’m not planning to disappoint you in 2014, so stay tuned for lots of fun DIY projects to come!



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