UPDATE! Please click here for the DIY Bed Frame PLANS!

Our local IKEA has some great Saturday Shocker events, and a few weeks ago, we picked up the SULTAN king-size latex mattress for just $300, reduced from $700. I think IKEA may be discontinuing this mattress, but we were pretty happy to snatch up a king size mattress for this price.

Chris and I have found that just because a mattress is expensive, doesn’t mean it is comfortable. We tend to prefer firm foam mattresses for optimal back alignment and minimal movement transfer. Before this one, we had tried two queen memory foam mattresses. We like the memory foam, but they always tended to break down in a year or two, leaving large depressions in the foam. The latex foam mattress isn’t quite as firm at first blush, but it feels denser and you don’t sink in as far. I’m hoping it will last a little longer than the memory foam mattresses, but at $300, it’s not too bad of a risk.

Well, since we had a king-size mattress, we needed a king-size bed frame. Unfortunately, most nicer options were out of our price range, and the cheaper options (IKEA) were too cheap. So being the intrepid DIY-er that he is, Chris decided to build a bed frame for us.

The platform itself was simple — Chris just used a framing nail gun to nail a bunch of 2x4s and 2x6s together, exactly like framing a floor or wall. Then he used 2x8s to make the legs and frame. We decided to keep it simple and modern with two 2x8s butted up against each other for the legs. Chris connected them at right angles by drilling pocket screw holes using this Mini Kreg Jig Kit that we got on Amazon.

Before putting the frame together we sanded, stained and sealed the wood. We used Minwax Classic Gray for the stain, which is a beautiful weathered gray, one of Minwax’s newest colors. After it dried, we brushed polyurethane over top and let the frame off-gas in the garage for a few days. Finally, Chris brought it into the room and screwed all the wood together by using long screws (3″) drilled through the inner frame into the outer frame. He also screwed two pieces of plywood on top of the frame to form a solid base for the mattress.

If you’re planning to DIY this bed frame, remember that the structural integrity comes from the inner frame. This bed frame is probably quite a bit sturdier than it needs to be (basically it’s a floor frame) but it doesn’t creak, wiggle, or flex at all =). It will be a good thing to crouch next to in the event of an earthquake.

If you’re interested in building your own, check out the plans and dimensions!

And here it is, in all its delicious king-sized glory.

It’s not perfect. The gaps at the seams area tiny bit wider at some areas than others. But that just adds to its homemade charm, I think.

I love the weathered gray color. And we used a polyurethane with a satin finish, so it’s not too shiny.

Here’s a better look at that leg. I love how solid and rustic it feels.

It sure feels good to be up off the floor. And the clearance under the bed is just tall enough for me to fit the Dyson underneath…a nice unexpected plus…

Slowly, bit by bit, the master bedroom is starting to come together!

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UPDATE! We built an upholstered headboard! Check it out!


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30 comments on “This Is the Bed That Chris Made”

  1. We’re eventually going to be making a upholstered nailhead headboard as well. Inspired by one from Pottery Barn! Can’t wait to see how yours turns out and to find out where you get all the materials. Fun!!!

  2. Hello. Great stuff!
    I am going to attempt this. You say that you just screwed all the wood together. What kind of screws? Did you just screw them in from the other side? And the outer Grey layer, was that glued as well as screwed, I see the clamp. I’m a woodworking noob, and this will be my first large project.

    Any help would be great, and much appreciated!

    • Hi Shawn! Thanks for your comment! Let me ask Chris tonight when he gets home from work and he can provide the nitty-gritty details! Stay tuned and I’ll update this post =). Ah, I seem to remember that he used a framing nail gun for the inner frame (3-inch nails fired an an angle into each joint) so I might not have been entirely accurate by saying we “screwed all the wood together”! I’ll get back to you!

    • Hi Shawn! The post has now been updated with a few more details. The outer grey layer was not glued. The right angles for the legs were made by drilling pocket holes for the screws, and strengthened by attaching them to the inner frame (using screws drilled from the inside of the inner frame). Hope it helps!

  3. Woah, I love your bed – thanks for posting it! Hubby and I have been talking about making one just like yours too, I’ll have to show him this! I like how you’ve secured the inner pieces too – we currently have an Ikea bed frame and the slats can move which is a drag if they give out in the middle of the night.

    • Make the inner frame according to the mattress dimensions (leaving an extra inch or two to ensure there’s clearance for the edges, and be sure to account for the thickness of the wood). Then butt the 2x8s up on the corners for the legs and when you have the configuration you want, measure and cut the side pieces to make sure they fit tightly together.

    • This is pretty close to what I wanted to do with this. Did you add the headboard on to the back legs or did you extend back side of the legs further up to mount the headboard on?

      • The head board was added later so we didn’t really plan for it. It’s mounted to the wall. But you could certainly extend the legs up to make it easier to attach.

  4. This is probably a stupid question, but do you still use the box springs mattress with this? It looks like you don’t, but I thought I would ask!

    I’m really excited to make this with my husband! This is exactly what I wanted! Thanks so much!

  5. I am new to all of the DIY stuff and wondered if you knew what the dimensions would be for a queen bed? I’d love to try to make this myself but I have a queen mattress.

  6. My husband and I used your bed frame plans to build a bed this week! We modified the plans a tiny bit (ours is a little taller, and it has plywood across the slats for more support). We LOVE it. We stained it a dark brown and it’s gorgeous. It is SO sturdy too. I’m purchasing a greenish blue upholstered headboard for it, and it’s going to be gorgeous! So glad I came across this tutorial. 🙂 Thank you!

  7. Curious what type of would you used? Pine on the inner frame I would assume but how about the outter portion that you actually see?

    Thank you

  8. We have made this bed twice; for our room and our guest room. Love it! We made the head board out of drift wood and stained the bed a drift wood stain. It took 6 hours and about 100 Canadian dollars for our queen and about 120 for the King. Great plan and my husbands name is Chris so this is the bed that many Chris’ have made!

  9. Do you know how many 2×4, 2×6 and 2×8’s you purchased and the lengths of them? I’m sure I could figure it out but it would be so much easier to know from your already very detailed and great instructions. I love the bed and plan on making it soon. Thank you.

  10. Found your design through Pinterest and used it as the basis for a twin bed for one of my kids. Although in my case I swapped the 2x6es for 1x6es and then reinforced the legs with 4×4’s under the structural frame. Same basic concept though. Worked great! Thanks for showing such an easy to repeat and modify design!

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