…to the family! And the reason I haven’t posted here in so long.


My sweet little monkey has seriously been the light of our lives these past few months. He is a very sweet, smiley, and mellow baby. Brownie loves him to death and is constantly hugging and kissing him and saying, “He’s so CUUUUTE!”. I think she thinks of him as one of her stuffed animals, just an alive one.

He is tremendously cuddly… to the point that he wants to be with me constantly, so I spend most of each day wearing him in the carrier. This, as you might imagine, isn’t the most conducive to DIY. So I’ve just been enjoying the last few months of doing the bare minimum beyond caring for Brownie and snuggling with my new little Monkey.

Meanwhile, Chris has been doing lots of work on the house and I really need to get some pictures up. We finally finished the master bathroom and are now starting work on the loft guest suite. We are so excited to share the new rooms with you but first I have to find time to take photos and edit them.

Thank you for coming by and I hope you enjoy some of the older posts on the blog in the meantime. I’ll be back soon!

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