We finally have window treatments for the family room, hooray!

roman shades

This room has LOTS of windows and we knew that it was going to cost quite a pretty penny to get window treatments. We already have white floor-length curtains on the sliding doors, so we decided to do simple white roman shades for the windows. I figure, white is classic, and if I tire of the look I can always stencil them or add paint or ribbon or something.

roman shades 1

I found these at JCPenny and they were among the cheapest I could find. AND, they are currently on SALE so go grab them now if you are looking for simple white roman blinds. They are the Savannah III Roman Shades. When we bought them they were 25% off and we got some extra discounts using our secret method for getting online discounts. Just to put it in perspective, the 31″ shades are on sale now for $30 compared to getting them $100 or more elsewhere.

roman shades 2

They may be cheap roman shades, but they are surprisingly good quality for the price. They don’t fully block out the sun, but rather just filter the light. This isn’t a bedroom so that’s fine for us. (This is also our toy storage area).

I heard about these shades through Emily Henderson’s blog. I figured, she’s a pro, so I can’t go too far wrong, right? The JCPenny shades were among her picks for cheap roman shades that are simple, functional, and decent quality.

roman shades 3

A roman shade was pretty much the best solution for this awkward area under the spiral staircase that goes up to the loft. Well, mini-blinds would have worked, but they’re just not as pretty!

(By the way, that milk-crate plastic fencing in the right bottom corner is our attempt at babyproofing the spiral staircase so the baby doesn’t hit her head under the stairs.)

I still have many other windows in this house to work on, and I think I’ll try a DIY roman shade next, probably in the kitchen, so stay tuned!

See more pictures of the family room here.

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