This week has been kind of exciting. Lots of thinking, researching, and discussing my professional future. Nothing has been decided for sure yet, but I’m starting to be ready for a new challenge and I’m getting pretty excited thinking about it.

Anyway, there was a little more progress on the bedroom makeover.


I DIY-ed a couple of glossy navy blue lamps to bring a little more navy to this space. As you may recall, it looked like this after I added some Greek Key trim to the curtains:


The current bedside lamps were a little small in scale and were getting a bit lost next to our king-size bed and generously-sized nightstands.


So I decided to make over a couple of trophy lamps that I had picked up from the Habitat Restore a while back. They were $5 each, new, and I’m pretty sure they were overstocked from Walmart.


There was nothing wrong with the oil-rubbed bronze finish but I wanted something less traditional and more fun in our bedroom.

I taped off the light sockets and cords and gave the lamps several light coats of navy blue spray paint.


Then I let the lamps cure in the garage for 2 weeks to ensure that the major part of the off-gassing occurred before we brought the lamps into our room.


I am really really happy with how they turned out. I think this is one of my favorite spray paint projects to date. It helps that I’m getting better at spraying lightly and evenly and I’ve learned not to spray paint on a windy day =).

The glossy navy finish actually makes these cheap lamps look way more expensive.


The lampshades are just $10 shades from IKEA but I’m thinking of adding some ribbon trim to the edges.


The new lamps are more appropriate in scale to the room (please ignore the crooked duvet!).


before after lamp

From run-of-the-mill to glossy and glam =). What do you think?

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8 comments on “Spraypainted Navy Lamps”

    • Haha thanks Linda, that makes me feel better =). No I didn’t sand down the metal as it was already a satin finish (if it had been glossy I might have taken some steel wool to it). We also used Rustoleum’s Primer and Paint in one spray paint which I highly recommend. It lets you skip the priming step and it goes on super smooth.

  1. I am always so impatient that I have a hard time getting such a perfect glossy finish like this. Perfectly done! I agree they look so much more expensive! And I think a ribbon trim on the shades will look perfect. Thanks so much for linking up to The Makers! 🙂

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