Our front door is still a work in progress.  Actually, it’s more like a construction zone right now with paint splatters, dozens of cardboard boxes, landscaping materials, tools, and a broken pool pump lying on the patio by the front entrance.  But still, we wanted to do something about this lamp.


Not the prettiest lamp, you see.  Not only was it old and cruddy and covered in paint, but it’s also builder’s standard brass, which we weren’t huge fans of.  We were so eager to change it we didn’t even take a before pic of it on the wall.

We headed to the Habitat Restore and scored a cute copper-toned number for just $20.  It was a floor model from Home Depot (or some other type hardware store).  We know because it still had the display bracket attached to it.  Although it’s a discontinued model, we estimate that it probably cost at least $50 originally, so we feel pretty good about our find.

Why helloooo beautiful…

Much better.

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