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Photographer: Malinda Warder

Hi! I’m Camilla, an ex-English teacher, freelance blogger, and full-time mom. In addition to taking care of my rowdy toddler, I fill the rest of my time with cooking, crafting, DIY, redoing furniture, and renovating our 1970’s fixer-upper.

I’m married to Chris, another fellow “maker”. We met when we were both teaching English in Shanghai, China, and although we were from opposite sides of the North American continent (me from Toronto, and him from Southern California), we instantly recognized each other as kindred spirits. Chris’ (almost) first words to me were, “I like building things.” Yeah. Literally. (He was volunteering to help me put together my IKEA furniture).

Fast forward 5 years, 4 cities, and one precious baby girl later, and we’re settled down in Southern California where we continue to make things together. Join us on the next stage of our adventure!

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  1. I’ve been enjoying your projects! I, too, taught English in Zhengzhou, China, but I also got to travel to some other cities, too. I did visit Shanghai; talk about busy! (I was there way back in 1987, though.) Yeah, I’m gettin’ old, ha! I hope to start my own website soon.

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