We were thrilled to be able to invite the family over for Baby Brownie’s 1st birthday party, even more so that the weather was gorgeous and we were able to do it in the yard.


We had been so busy with our family room renovation that we started working on the yard area for the party the night before the party! See that grass? That sod was laid THE MORNING OF THE PARTY. Yes. That’s how we roll. But it looked SO MUCH BETTER. I wish I had a before pic but where those two patches of grass are there were just two piles of dirt. Amazing what a difference some green makes.

Of course, after the party we had to pull up all the sod and re-level the ground underneath, which had been all pitted by people walking all over it at the party. But it was worth it.


You ┬ácan see that some parts of the garden are still unfinished, hence the pile of dirt in the corner. But that didn’t prevent us from having a great time.


The birthday girl was happy to play with tissue paper.


And we all enjoyed celebrating our little angel who has grown up so much in the past year; I can’t believe how time flies.

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