Baby Brownie turned 4 last month and we hosted a princess tea party for her. She (and every other 4-year-old girl I know) has really gotten into dressing up as a princess lately and I knew she would have so much fun with a super girly pink princess party.

It’s funny, when Baby Brownie was born I swore I wouldn’t buy into the princess thing, but I guess that has gone the way of so many other parenting resolutions! So I decided to embrace my feminine side, and I figured, if you’re gonna do a princess tea party, you might as well go whole hog.


I ordered satin chair covers and tableclothes from for a steal. I think the chair covers were less than $2 each on sale! Totally affordable. I tied them on to the chairs really tight and safety-pinned the tablecloth to the table legs to minimize any potential catastrophes.


The milk glass vases I’ve collected over the years from thrift shops came in handy as centerpieces. I love those versatile bud vases — they are so sculptural, yet they go with everything. I found gorgeous multi-colored ranunculus at Trader Joe’s. They are my favorite spring flower and their season is so short, so I’m glad I got to use them!

The white ceramic tea cups were another budget find. They are espresso cups from World Market that come in a set of 6 and were the perfect child-sized teacups. I got two sets and used a $10 off coupon. The sparkly paper plates were from Target and the plastic rose-gold flatware was from Michaels. The flatware was a hit; multiple people picked them up and were astonished that they were plastic!


We filled the drink dispenser with lemonade and set out a bowl of kettle corn for appetizers.


The little princesses made a rainbow of color and it was the cutest thing watching them play together in their sweet dresses. This is a particularly mature bunch of kids who were able to sit still and drink “tea” (water or lemonade) without breaking anything!

As Brownie gets older, her birthday parties have increasingly become about the fun that she and her friends can have playing together. I know, it seems obvious, but this is the first year she has truly had a preference for who she wants to invite and what she wants to do.

I’m so proud of what a confident and independent little girl she has become. She is completely comfortable spending time by herself with her books and crayons, yet she is also willing and happy to socialize with her peers.


I got to use my beloved thrifted brass server finally! See, I knew there was a reason I kept it around!


I bought these paper crowns from Daiso and the kids had so much fun decorating them with stickers.


Along with the crowns, I set up a craft table with princess coloring pages (downloaded from and chunky crayons.


Gratuitous shot of my little prince.


Can you believe I ordered this ombre rosette cake from Albertsons? It was $35 for a 10-inch cake and it served all the kids and adults (we had about 15 adults and 10 kids). It was also delicious! Chocolate inside with strawberry filling.


My little princess had a spectacular time and she said the cake was her favorite part.

We didn’t really do party favors — instead we hid Easter eggs all around the yard and the kids had a blast doing an Easter egg hunt and brought all the treats home in princess favor bags ($1 for 20 from Walmart).

These photos were taken by my good friend Rachel Chen, who is starting her own photography business! Contact her if you need an LA / Orange County photographer! Seriously, she is just starting out right now so book her now because in a year, she will be booked and much more expensive, I would wager!

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