One of Chris and my mottoes is “Everything Takes Longer Than You Think”. At least, this has seemed to be true in our remodeling adventures. We start what seems like an easy project and then that project snowballs into about a thousand other projects, and it ends up taking 3 times the time we originally thought it would. Case in point, the family room.

If you remember, it originally looked like this:


IMG_9786 A

After we moved in, we lived with it pretty much as is for a year:



But after the baby started crawling, we decided to turn this room into our baby-proof room, and we decided to freshen it up with a coat of paint. Then because the wood flooring was all water-damaged and had missing holes in it, we decided to put in carpet.

Fast forward 3 months and it looks like this:



It’s already a huge improvement, but it’s still not done! Here’s what we did:

1) Closed up two large holes in the ceiling that opened into the loft room.
2) Removed the carpeted stair treads and spray painted the spiral staircase in Rustoleum Hammered Dark Bronze.
3) Patched tons of drywall, hired in a contractor to help us smooth-coat the ceiling.
4) Painted the ceiling white.
5) Installed can lights
6) Painted the trim semi-gloss white.
7) Removed the damaged flooring.

We’re still working on:

1) Re-facing the fireplace and tiling the hearth.
2) Re-installing trim around one of the windows.
3) Choosing carpet and getting it installed.

It took us a really long time to get this far because of the water damage in the walls. Chris had to patch the roof, re-caulk the windows, and replace much of the damaged drywall. On top of this, the stairwell into the loft space was wallpapered in a hideous old wallpaper that WOULD NOT COME OFF. The drywall had not been primed prior to the installation of the said hideous wallpaper, and therefore when we soaked and tried to remove the paper, the drywall paper started disintegrating too. Chris ended up painting over the wallpaper with an oil-based primer and then we painted it to match the rest of the room downstairs.


I’m loving the fresh green walls. It makes me feel happy. It’s “Nantucket Breeze” by Benjamin Moore, color matched in a Behr paint.

We weren’t going to do the fireplace surround at first, but then the aforementioned snowballing effect let us to consider chipping out the ugly fake slate tile and installing this lovely ledgestone. More pics on that later.

Slowly but surely wins the race, right?



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