I’m always finding beautiful pieces of art online.  I rarely buy them because with all the work we’re doing on the house, I’m not sure where to put them.  But at least, I can file them away for future reference, right? =)

Lately I’m loving the art prints on wood veneer by Lorena Siminovich. I love how Scandinavian they look and how unique the print looks on wood.

Lorena Siminovich via Anthology

Lately, art and illustration that has a childlike, whimsical quality to it has really been appealing to me. It just makes me feel happy and makes me think to the simplicity of childhood.

Grace cut her first tooth yesterday. Or at least, we noticed it yesterday. We could feel the little tooth coming out of her gums. Makes me realize how short her babyhood is and how I need to treasure these moments.

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