This L-shaped DIY sofa console that we have in our living room is definitely our most popular project to date.

Reclaimed Wood Console Table

Because a couple of people have commented or emailed to let me know that they are attempting (or have attempted) to build this console table, we decided to draw up some loose plans to give our readers a better idea of how the table is put together.

We made an L-shaped console table, but it was basically just two straight tables butted up perpendicular to each other. I haven’t listed specific measurements here, because you can adjust the length of the console table to fit your space.

This is how each piece of the table will look.

Sofa Table5 (1)

Sofa Table

Sofa Table 02

Sofa Table 03

We didn’t bother to hide the screws, so everything is attached together using screws drilled through from the outside surface.

Sofa Table4

Sofa Table 06

Sofa Table8

Sofa Table7

Sofa Table9

We’re not professionals in drawing up plans (especially not me), but we hope that additional angles and information will help those of you who are building a similar table.


For more photos of the finished project, please go to the original post for the DIY Sofa Table. Have fun!

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13 comments on “DIY Console Table Plans”

  1. I love it! simple and easy without a ton of materials needed. Whatever program you used to create the diagram…very helpful! Thanks for the tip.

  2. Hi Camilla,
    I love the rustic simplicity of this console table! I’m thinking this would make
    a great corner office configuration in my home. One board wider and I’ve got a desk!

    Thanks for the inspiration,

  3. I really appreciate your generosity in including these plans. I have never built anything before but will give it a go. I would like to include shelves to store out of season stuff. Wish me luck.

  4. I’m loving this! About had a heart attack because I found this, loved it, went and bought the wood then COULDNT FIND THE POST!! Hello scatterbrained ugh but super excited to do this and am actually making it a “sofa table” but it’s going to serve as a table in my dining room for decor to add something on the wall and I’m super excited about it!!! Hahahaha thanks for the updated pictures this helps SOOO MUCH!!

  5. This will be perfect for my new reading/TV/craft room, formerly an unused enclosed lanai. I purchased two loveseats with matching end tables last night, and was wondering how to make them look cohesive as one loveseat will be against the wall of windows and the other will be on the stone wall. Your L-shaped unit will work perfectly behind them! Thanks for sharing your idea and the plans. I’m confident I can make this–with help from my fiance.

    • Yes, that would be fine. We used old dried out splintery wood we salvaged from our house, so wood from HD or Lowe’s would be much better!

  6. I’ve been asking my husband to build something very similar to this for a year & a half but he keeps putting it off because he doesn’t understand what exactly I want. Now I have a diagram to show him! Awesome! Thank you!

  7. I am so excited to build this table! My husband, who can’t even pound a nail wants to help too!!!! Finally, an easy project that we ca do together without making him feel emasculated!

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