Chris’ latest woodworking project is done and is now adding a ton more warmth and charm into our living room!

This one was a fast one, thank goodness. No more 4-month-long projects like the family room reno please, at least for a while. This DIY console table (or sofa table, or what have you…) only took Chris a few weeknights to knock out. I think it looks great AND adds a ton of function.


Chris and I were browsing around at West Elm a while ago and noticed all of the “rustic” furniture that is sooooo trendy right now. You know, the recycled “pallet” furniture look. Chris remarked that he thought building some of those rustic-looking furniture pieces wouldn’t be difficult, so I challenged him to do it!

We actually had a goodly amount of “reclaimed” wood (a.k.a. scrap wood taken out of the house during renovations) and an L-shaped sofa table seemed like just the right project for it. We had been wanting something behind the L-shaped sofa in the living for a while. The sofa was looking kind of tiny all smooshed in the corner of the room and we wanted something to help float it out off the walls.





The reclaimed wood is all battered and scraped, which is definitely in keeping with this trendy industrial-rustic look.


Structurally, it’s an incredibly simple piece. We knew it would mostly be hidden behind the sofa so we didn’t bother to finish off the inner sides:


Here’s what the legs look like in case that helps. The legs were just scrap 2×4’s screwed together and the top/exposed sides are three 1×4’s screwed side by side. The 1×4’s were pretty old and brittle so we had a bit of splitting but nothing too bad.

diy console table

Then we gave it a light sanding with coarse-grit sandpaper just to remove any splinters. It’s definitely pretty bare-bones on the interior.


But the parts that show look great! The L-shape makes it so unique and perfect for our space.


You can’t really see it until you get close. But it’s a great place to set a drink and warms up those cool gray walls a TON.

I’m still figuring out how to decorate it. The budget is pretty tight around here so I’m not really looking to buy a ton of new accessories, so I’ll be rummaging through what I have in the house. I did add some of my DIY napkin pillows for a nice pop of color.


IMPORTANT UPDATE! We have now created plans that will will help you to build this project. Better angles, more info, and measurements! Go take a look at the plans for the DIY sofa table!

Sofa Table

I can’t decide whether we should have built it out longer so it reaches the other side of the window. What do you think? Is this a project you would tackle?

If you like this project, check out our DIY Dining Table too!

diy dining table 3

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40 comments on “DIY Behind-the-Sofa Table”

    • Thanks Stacy and Sarah! We’re finding it is really useful for putting coffee cups, etc…out of reach of our toddler!

      • If you haven’t already realized it, there is no place that is both convenient to you and out of reach of toddlers at the same time 🙂

  1. I love this project. We are attempting a similar project. I think if you extended it you would be back to to the disproportionate feel you mentioned from before.

  2. I LOVE this project! We have a sectional sofa as well and it is rather old so the sections come apart sometimes from the kids jumping on it. I would love to do this project and extend the sides to create side tables on either side as a sort of encasement to keep the sectional from separating so often. I just may have to tackle this! Thank you for the idea!!!

  3. We have a huge sectional. I have always told my husband I wanted a shelf behind the center piece for drinks, but I think I need him to try and make this for me for the whole thing. Love it.

  4. I pinned your project a few weeks ago and today we made it! It turned out really well…and we used cedar so it makes the house smell awesome.
    Thanks for the inspiration! 🙂

    • Awesome! I would love to see a picture of your project! Maybe you can email it to me at somethingisdoneblog (at) gmail (dot) com?

    • Hi, Lesley! I was thinking the same about using cedar….I love cedar! Did you buy it at a hardware store or find it a recycle/building scraps/stockpile type place(s)? I’m curious about cost vs. other types of wood & places to find it. Thanks so much for your response , or if anyone else has advice?? Happy Sunday, all 🙂

    • Hi Jason,
      You probably want to adjust the size of the table to suit the measurements of your own sofa and room. If it helps, ours is 98″ long on the longer side. But unless you have our exact same sofa, you’ll probably just need to measure yours! The center support legs are about midway.
      As for the piece between the legs. Well, the table is approx 11″ wide (three 1x4s, though each 1×4 isn’t exactly 4 inches wide). The average thickness of a 2×4 is 1.5″, so subtract 3 inches from 11 and the middle piece is about 8″. But these sizes are approximate so it’s best to have your saw handy so you can measure and cut as you go (though I understand that’s not always possible). Hope that helps.

  5. My husband and I are tackling this project this weekend, we recently moved into a housing area and no lie we realized once all our stuff got here that there are no built in shelving units. ???? in fact the only shelves I have are my kitchen cupboards and inside the closets.

    • The sofa was actually a Craigslist find for about $200! But I think it’s a Jenny Convertible, which was very affordable to begin with. It feels a bit cheap, to be honest, but I love the shape.

  6. I LOVE this. I’ve been wanted to do something like this for a while at my place. Question though, I don’t have as much space as you do. Would it be too small if I made on half the size? (I was just going to use it for maybe a small plant and a few photo resting on the wall.)

    • Half the size would be pretty small. I’m not sure it would stand up well as a table. Maybe try just hanging a picture ledge or shelf on the wall behind your sofa? The effect would be similar without having to build legs on it.

  7. I am looking to do something similar, but am curious if you put curtains in and how long you made them. I have two windows behind my sectional couch and don’t want to leave the long curtains stuck behind the table, but am afraid they won’t look right at a shorter length. Just wondering what you did.


  8. I love your table. I think you woul have been dissapointed if you had made it longer to fit the window. You would have needed to finish that piece across the front where it would have ben exposed at the arm of the sofa. I think it is perfect the way you choose to do it.

    For Sheila: I have baseboard heat and a large ottoman . I did hang a long shelf behind my sectional to give us somewhere to sit drinks and that workes great. It is only about 5 inches wide so it doesn’t take up much space in the room.

  9. Love the sofa table behind the couch. I’ve been wanting something like this behind one of my couches in the den – only it’d be an open area (not against a wall). Would like to use it for sitting at to eat and buffet table when we have family get togethers. Thanks for sharing.

  10. This is the perfect answer for our small living room. My husband nixed the sectional couch idea because the big floor lamp we would need would have been about $300. It’s simple, reclaimed, rustic and now we could just use our regular table lamps! Thanks!

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