Last weekend Chris and I took a much needed weekend away — away from house stuff, Internet, and yes, even our baby (she had an awesome time with her grandparents). It was so nice not to have to do dishes, do housework, or change diapers, and so refreshing to sleep in for a weekend! Not to mention having so much time to talk about anything and everything that was on our minds =), something we haven’t had enough off these days.


We went to Idyllwild, which is a town nestled in the San Jacinto Mountains. It is a really beautiful area with lots of nature walks. I loved the cooler fall weather up there (I grew up in Toronto, Canada, and fall is my favorite season) as well as the shows of bright yellows and golds as the leaves changed colors.

(I always want to spell it “Idlewild” instead of “Idyllwild”…Idlewild was a location in one of the Anne of Green Gables books, I think.)


We stayed at the Peaceful Mountain Inn, in one of these cute A-frame cabins. If you ever go, try to get one of the rooms off the back with a view. We didn’t have a view but it was a quick walk over to this amazing vista:


So pretty, right? The inn was REALLY peaceful for the first night because we were the only people there, but the second night, Peaceful Mountain Inn wasn’t quite as peaceful. The people in the unit adjoining ours starting playing music and having a little get-together with their friends, though thankfully they stopped at a decent hour.


I had to take some pictures of the main lodge because it is the cutest.


They had some rustic mountain decor going on.


We spent a lot of time sitting around, reading magazines, talking, just hanging out, which was just what the doctor ordered! Slept in…which was SO nice for me as I have chronic insomnia.

As we were driving through the woods there were all these adorable little cabins and cottages. This one caught my eye and we paused for a quick photo op.


Isn’t it just so cozy? I want to go to there. I love how this cabin is rustic and cute but doesn’t have all the gingerbread (fake Alpine) trim.

This is now my go-to happy place at night when I’m drifting off to sleep (or at least, trying to drift off). It’s fun imagining what the interior is like and all the cozy, comforting, non-stressful activities going on within, like sitting in front of the fireplace while knitting (if I knew how to knit). Or sipping hot cider. Or reading a good book. Everyone needs a happy place to go to when you’re falling asleep, right? Or am I just weird?

Hope you all had a great Halloween! I’ll be back next week with some Christmas crafts (What, it’s not too early! It’s my favorite holiday!) so I’ll see you all then!


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