It has been 2 months, but finally, we’ve surfaced from our baby-induced brain freeze and we’re hopefully ready to start posting regularly again.  Our Baby Brownie arrived on March 15th, and she is doing beautifully.  She is not only a beautiful and healthy baby girl but she is an easy baby too!  She really only cries when she is hungry, has a wet diaper, or is overtired.

Even so, the transition to parenthood hasn’t been easy!  I have always been kind of a free-spirited person and have always enjoyed spending time exploring my own interests…that’s why I moved to China after college, met Chris, and spent 3 years with him traveling the world.  It’s hard for me to stick to a structured routine and to be “tied down” to this little person who needs me for everything.  I love spending time with my baby though — she is so cute and I love her so much!  It has just been a little tough changing my entire mindset about my life.  Chris and I often tell each other, “God knew what we could handle and gave us an easy baby to start out with!”

Now that Baby Brownie has started smiling and cooing, taking care of her has become really rewarding.  I can’t wait until she starts laughing and reaching for things!  Although I also don’t want her to grow up — she is just so small and cute, and she has already grown so much.

The baby is enjoying the nursery we put together for her.  The one change we made is that we moved a small couch into her room for nursing and got rid of the rocker.  The rocker was a little too narrow to fit my nursing pillow and it’s nice to have the extra room on the couch so both Chris and I can sit there when we’re soothing the baby together.  It will also be perfect for reading a book with baby when she grows a little older.  Best of all, a family friend gave us the little couch for free.  Love hand-me-downs!  We were originally intending to have the baby in our room for the first few months, but I’m a really light sleeper and I would wake up every time she coughed or grunted.  I didn’t realize babies were such active sleepers!  After a month of no sleep, we decided to put the baby in her own room with a monitor, to save our own sanity.  She actually sleeps better in there than she does anywhere else!

We’ve also made a LOT of progress on the master bedroom.  I’ll post pics of that soon.  The week before the baby was born we were drywalling, painting, and flooring, so that my parents could stay there when they came to visit the baby.  Chris and I moved in there a couple weeks ago.  I’ll update you all on the master bedroom in my next post.

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