A Pink Princess Tea Party

Baby Brownie turned 4 last month and we hosted a princess tea party for her. She (and every other 4-year-old girl I know) has really gotten into dressing up as a princess lately and I knew she would have so much fun with a super girly pink princess party.

It’s funny, when Baby Brownie was born I swore I wouldn’t buy into the princess thing, but I guess that has gone the way of so many other parenting resolutions! So I decided to embrace my feminine side, and I figured, if you’re gonna do a princess tea party, you might as well go whole hog.


I ordered satin chair covers and tableclothes from Linentablecloth.com for a steal. I think the chair covers were less than $2 each on sale! Totally affordable. I tied them on to the chairs really tight and safety-pinned the tablecloth to the table legs to minimize any potential catastrophes.


The milk glass vases I’ve collected over the years from thrift shops came in handy as centerpieces. I love those versatile bud vases — they are so sculptural, yet they go with everything. I found gorgeous multi-colored ranunculus at Trader Joe’s. They are my favorite spring flower and their season is so short, so I’m glad I got to use them!

The white ceramic tea cups were another budget find. They are espresso cups from World Market that come in a set of 6 and were the perfect child-sized teacups. I got two sets and used a $10 off coupon. The sparkly paper plates were from Target and the plastic rose-gold flatware was from Michaels. The flatware was a hit; multiple people picked them up and were astonished that they were plastic!


We filled the drink dispenser with lemonade and set out a bowl of kettle corn for appetizers.


The little princesses made a rainbow of color and it was the cutest thing watching them play together in their sweet dresses. This is a particularly mature bunch of kids who were able to sit still and drink “tea” (water or lemonade) without breaking anything!

As Brownie gets older, her birthday parties have increasingly become about the fun that she and her friends can have playing together. I know, it seems obvious, but this is the first year she has truly had a preference for who she wants to invite and what she wants to do.

I’m so proud of what a confident and independent little girl she has become. She is completely comfortable spending time by herself with her books and crayons, yet she is also willing and happy to socialize with her peers.


I got to use my beloved thrifted brass server finally! See, I knew there was a reason I kept it around!


I bought these paper crowns from Daiso and the kids had so much fun decorating them with stickers.


Along with the crowns, I set up a craft table with princess coloring pages (downloaded from Crayola.com) and chunky crayons.


Gratuitous shot of my little prince.


Can you believe I ordered this ombre rosette cake from Albertsons? It was $35 for a 10-inch cake and it served all the kids and adults (we had about 15 adults and 10 kids). It was also delicious! Chocolate inside with strawberry filling.


My little princess had a spectacular time and she said the cake was her favorite part.

We didn’t really do party favors — instead we hid Easter eggs all around the yard and the kids had a blast doing an Easter egg hunt and brought all the treats home in princess favor bags ($1 for 20 from Walmart).

These photos were taken by my good friend Rachel Chen, who is starting her own photography business! Contact her if you need an LA / Orange County photographer! Seriously, she is just starting out right now so book her now because in a year, she will be booked and much more expensive, I would wager!

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Renovated Loft Bedroom


Aha, we’re finally doing a little bit of updating around here.

It’s been hard to find uninterrupted time to take photos of the work we’ve been doing around the house. So I apologize in advance if these photos aren’t the greatest. I’ll do my best to post more later.

As usual we forgot to take before pictures, so these progress pics give you an idea of how much work this loft bedroom entailed. This bedroom is right above the family room and it’s actually a perfect place for guests — away from the rest of the bedrooms but with its own ensuite bathroom for both privacy and convenience. It started out pretty rough though.



The outdated wallpaper had been stuck on to bare drywall without primer, and was impossible to remove without gouging up the walls, so we ended up sealing it with an oil based primer before painting over it.


What you don’t see here is the dank, musty, forest-green carpet that had been collecting leaking water for years. We removed it the first day we got the keys to this house. We also had to fix some leaks in the roof and replaced the window.



The first bed that Chris built is the guest bed with a super comfy memory foam mattress. It does get hot up there in the loft, so right now I just have a thin bedspread on the bed (from Ikea).


We did a planked treatment for the ceilings to camouflage any not-so-skillful drywall seams. Chris found this tongue-and-groove pine planking that was much thinner and cheaper than buying wood planks. The raw pine looks kind of rustic and cottagey which is nice for up here, I think.

The wall hanging was purchased when we were backpacking in Asia.


I’ve been hoarding that wood carving(?) for a few years; just needed the right spot to put it.

Below are a couple wide angle shots we took earlier (hence why things are arranged a bit differently). They give you an idea of the entire layout of the room.


The dormer actually adds a lot of extra space. We recently had friends stay with their two toddlers and the dormer was able to accommodate one of the kids, while the other child slept on a small mat beside the bed.


I think I’m just going to hang a curtain in front of the closet — the nightstand is so close to the opening that doors won’t be practical. And as you can see, the furniture up here is pretty mismatched, as most guestroom furniture tends to be. But it’s comfortable for guests, and that’s what matters at this point.


It’s a pretty relaxing place to take a nap, which is one of my favorite things to do ;).

I will update more later, as we slowly improve this space!


The new addition…

…to the family! And the reason I haven’t posted here in so long.


My sweet little monkey has seriously been the light of our lives these past few months. He is a very sweet, smiley, and mellow baby. Brownie loves him to death and is constantly hugging and kissing him and saying, “He’s so CUUUUTE!”. I think she thinks of him as one of her stuffed animals, just an alive one.

He is tremendously cuddly… to the point that he wants to be with me constantly, so I spend most of each day wearing him in the carrier. This, as you might imagine, isn’t the most conducive to DIY. So I’ve just been enjoying the last few months of doing the bare minimum beyond caring for Brownie and snuggling with my new little Monkey.

Meanwhile, Chris has been doing lots of work on the house and I really need to get some pictures up. We finally finished the master bathroom and are now starting work on the loft guest suite. We are so excited to share the new rooms with you but first I have to find time to take photos and edit them.

Thank you for coming by and I hope you enjoy some of the older posts on the blog in the meantime. I’ll be back soon!

DIY Toddler’s Superhero Cape

Halloween is coming up fast (as is my baby’s due date, oh my), and I’m finally forcing myself to start thinking about a costume for my daughter. I’ve actually never been a huge fan of Halloween myself, but there is something about toddlers all dressed up in costumes that is so adorable, so I’m finding myself a little more enthusiastic about it this year.

I asked Brownie what she wanted to dress up as and she said “Super Brownie!” I figured it wouldn’t be too hard to make a superhero costume for her. This is what I’ve come up with so far:


It was actually much easier than I thought. You just cut out the shape and from there on it’s just a matter of hemming really. My newly honed sewing skills (I recently made my very first quilt) helped.

Materials and Tools for Superhero Cape:
3/4 yard square of fabric
contrasting grosgrain ribbon
sewing machine and thread
iron and ironing board
superhero logo
fabric glue

You start off with a square of fabric (mine was about 3/4 yard in width of a satin material I found in the remnant pile, just about perfect for a 2-3 year old).


Then you rig up a little contraption by taping the end of a string to the floor and tying the other end to a piece of chalk. The string should measure the width of the fabric.


Draw a quarter circle using the chalk and string (doesn’t have to be perfect).


Draw another curve for the neckline. This one doesn’t have to be a quarter circle, just a slight curve will be fine (the more curved it is the harder it is to hem, just FYI!).


Cut out your shape and you’ll have something like this above.


Iron and sew a hem on all sides (on this side I doubled over the raw edge but on the selvage edge I just left the raw edge since it won’t fray. You can use hem tape or fabric glue if you don’t want to sew the hems. Oh and then trim your threads after (unlike me in the pic above).


Sew on a length of ribbon to tie the cape on. (You can really see the sparkles in this pic. Love this fabric!)


Use fabric glue to attach your choice of superhero logo. It could be made of felt or good ol’ fashioned paper. In my case I used a couple of foam hearts that I glued together. Or you could just tape it on so you can change the logo later.


As you can see I did get a lot of puckering on my seams. I probably didn’t have the thread tension right…whatever that means…


…But Brownie doesn’t care! She loves her superhero cape and asks to put it on every day. She especially loves the subtle little sparkles in the fabric. This was a fun and easy project that I cranked out in about an hour!

Now I have to get the rest of the superhero costume together. I’m thinking, a matching SuperGirl tutu and headband?

What is your kid (or you) going to be for Halloween? Do you like to make your own costume or is it just easier to buy?

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My First Strip Quilt!

I must be a sucker for punishment or something. We’re immersed in a gut bathroom reno, and our next child is due in less than 2 months which we have made NO preparations for, and somehow I decided I was going to attempt my very first quilt for my 2-year-old daughter. Luckily it turned out all right…


I might even go so far as to say, it turned out much better than my expectations. (By the way, please don’t pay any attention to my very dusty floor. I’d like to blame my daughter’s chalkboard, which is right outside of the frame, but really, I’ve just been lax on vacuuming that corner.)

I spent a lot of time on Pinterest looking at simple quilts and decided that simple straight strips of fabric would be the easiest, quickest, and most forgiving for my less-than-stellar sewing skills. (To be precise, I literally have to look up how to wind a bobbin every time I use the sewing machine.)


All of the fabrics are scraps/remnants that I’ve picked up over the last couple years at Joanns. I always check their remnant pile for cute fabrics, which are always 50% off, and turned out just perfect for this project. The quilt back is an old fitted sheet that no longer fits any of the beds we own now.


I made this quilt approx 40″ by 55″ so that even when Brownie outgrows it she’ll still be able to use it as a throw blanket to snuggle with. I bound it with store-bought bias tape, because after putting together the quilt top I was in no mood to cut and make my own bias tape (although it might have been cuter). The store-bought stuff is great! The filling is polyester, because I already had a piece of polyester batting in my stash, though next time (if there IS a next time) I’ll try cotton.

I quilted it “in the ditch” aka along the seams. Straight line quilting seemed the easiest to handle for me.


There are far better tutorials than I could provide out on the Net (by people who actually know how to use their sewing machines), so I’ll just link to a few of them here.

How to sew a strip quilt top

How to baste and quilt your strip quilt

How to bind your finished quilt


I feel that after sewing this quilt I have a much better idea of how to work my sewing machine. Next time I might attempt…dum dum dum…square blocks!

What do you think? Is quilting something you would attempt? Do you get intimidated by sewing in a straight line like I do?

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